Friday, 16 November 2012

Quote : Life need move on!

Hi There.

Another Quote. Hehe... I made that doodle. What do you think ? Haha.. I always love quotes. Yeah. Their are wonderful and Inspiration for me to keep alive. haha... Now the saying at the picture above was made originally by Me. HAHA.. 

All know that everybody do make mistakes in their life including me.  We are not Perfect! Some peoples had their worst past in their life and some were good in handling whatever comes to them. But, life is to short to think about it. STOP THINKING AND REGRETTING ABOUT YOUR PAST AND MISTAKES! How wonderful is it if there is a Life time machine. You can undo and Redo your life. ^ ^ But unfortunately there is NO! 

I dedicate this Quote to myself. Yeah. I am the one who stuck in my past and Mistakes. Everyday I reminder myself to Forget and Forgive my own mistakes. There is no Point living with all the worst memories. I do pray to God for giving me strength in my life. Sometimes when I am all alone I remembered all about the past. Then all of a sudden my tears fall.  =.=

I know everything happens for a reason. God had already planned our life. So, lets us avoid from doing any mistakes even  it is the  hardest thing to do. Do think before speak or doing something that will later bring you in trouble for a life time. :)

Oh. I think I'm enjoying writing this entry. This was I feel right now. I am glad that I have my little blog to express my feeling. Thanks for reading guys. I hope you enjoyed my writing. HUH. In the mode of : SAD :( 



CikMunBlogger said...

betul ! jangan pedulikan orang yang nak hancurkan kita dengan menggunakan masa lepas kita :)

doodle tu comel :D

Miss A said...

saya sentiasa rasa yang saya selalu stuck between my present and my past. but especially, my past. I had a lot of sweet memories with my late dad, sekarang takde dah dia kat sini. Hanya Al-Fatihah peneman setia :') tapi, tu lah. life kena move on. Insya-ALLAH, walaupun susah, tapi kita kena kuat. kena tabah. kena lawan semua rasa sedih semua tu :)

First time BW here from KSB :) hai awak! <3

licha liza said...

dont be sad. the world has more to offer.. :)

Leeza dayasari [santai leeza] said...

@CikMunBlogger setuju... usah dipedulikan apa org kata.
barang yg lepas jgn dikenang.

Hazmin said...

Pandainya buat doodle kan... Hidup harus diteruskan walau apa jua rindangan yang melanda... Hehe

Aisha Fauzi said...

Nice quote :') Very helpful :D