Wednesday, 14 October 2015

To be honest

To be honest i never regret choosing Form 6 as my way to degree later. Even i know i capable to enter others diploma courses based on my SPM result. It's so damn hard when you're being judge by others about your own choice. I still remember when one of my teacher said that there was someone who talked bout me like 'dia tidak lah tu terdedah dgn persekitaran luar..stay d tempat yg sama sj'. 

Dari awal lagi memang orang sekeliling ada yang support and ada yang tidak support saya masuk this form 6. Even until now. Sampai sekarang still ada lagi yang cakap-cakap like that. Down gila weyy bila dengar orang cakap begitu. Kau tahu kau mampu ka habiskan pengajian di tingkatan 6 ni? Lepas tu ada lagi yang cakap 'bagus kalau dapat masuk U nanti' Goshh i'm not going to lie but this made me cried so hard that time. Rasa macam hati kau di tusuk dalam dalam oleh pisau yang tajam. And the person yang cakap begitu is the person that i love the most. Tiada apa yang mustahil kan kalau berusaha. Lain lah kalau kau jenis yang tak berusaha. They never see my effort. Yang diorang tahu was cakap saja. And they make fun of it. They doesnt even know that it hurt me damn much. 

Well It's so frustrating when other people that doesn't even know wht your ambition so easily talked like tht. But idgaf bout wht they said. This is my life and i'm the one that will going to experience it not them! I've learn so much in f6. Im not going to let anybody ruin it. I just continue my journey here in f6 and now i'm on my way to finish this journey in just one months. 😊 

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