Monday, 9 November 2015

Life's hard.

Hi readers :')
So how was your day huh? Is it yay or nah? Mine was nah. Everytime.

Life's pretty hard, right? I just don't know why my life turns out to be like this. Can i just be a little girl forever? I'm so tired with life. Everything seems not right at all. I mean my studies, my relationship, my feelings... It's all turns out to be upside down. 

I really miss the old me. The one who reads books. The one who never even know how heartbroken was. The one who busy on maintaing her grade in school. I felt like i'm the other person now. Not the same Cassandra anymore. Can't lie that i'm growing up too fast as i need to pass all these shit things in life. 

I care too much over someone that does not even appreciate my exist. I love people that never love as much as i love them. I trust people with all my heart and they ended up broke it. You see right? Everyday is like a struggle for me to live. 

Sometimes i just hope that i can be heartless so i will never feel anything that makes me hurt. My relationship turns upside down. It's our second years now but idk. should not feel this way but thats the truth. Everything is so diffrent now. 

I should stop writing this. It's make me want to cry even more. I really need someone's shoulder now. Bye